League of Legends: How to get game equipment? This wave operation is very 6!

In League of Legends, equipment is very important. When the player chooses the right weapons and equipment, they gain better power.

1: Install ideas

Installation idea :1, the first is to determine the hero positioning, generally speaking, mage and assassin can output equipment. 2. Secondly, choose the appropriate APC according to your own playing style. For example, if the mage equipment likes damage, then choose a long staff or robe that can provide continuous healing effect. Or if you’re a warrior, consider increasing your armor to get a higher damage bonus. 3. Finally, it is necessary to combine equipment with different attributes according to needs. For example, blue/magic resistance ADC may be needed when the line is matched.

2: equipment composition method

There are three ways to synthesize: 1. Game coins; 2. Synthetic reel; 3. Rare equipment. 1. Game gold: In League of Legends, you can earn sssgame currency by playing the game. Everyone has his own weapon and hero coin, which is called “gold”. Players can use these coins to buy items or upgrade their equipment. 2. Composite Scrolls: Similar to gold, but a special item that can only be obtained from the store or other sources. Players can find such items through stores or quest levels on the map. If you’re lucky enough to find a treasure chest, you can easily get a composite scroll. 3. Rare Equipment: In many online games, rare equipment is not available to any character. They usually come from certain players, such as priests or wizards, who have more skills and more powerful equipment.

3: How do you get game currency

Game currency is a virtual item that a player can buy while playing the game. Currently, there are many game stores that sell a variety of in-game currencies for players to choose from. Generally speaking, the currency offered in the mall is more expensive, so most people don’t spend a lot of time shopping or downloading. So how do you get game currency? The most common way to do this is through websites. For example: Taobao, Jingdong and so on. These platforms often have lots of goods and services for users to buy. There’s also a much easier way to do this — ask the merchant directly for a way to get in-game currency. You can usually get a cheaper price and a better product experience. In short, it’s not easy to install quickly and get in-game currency. It takes a lot of patience and understanding of how to use the various items to make the right decisions.

In short, if you want to improve your fighting power, there are many ways to choose. However, the most common is to increase your level and wear the appropriate type of equipment.

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