How about biodegradable bags

Biodegradable bags are a new type of environmentally friendly material that can be used without the need for complete cleaning. The bags are easy to clean and disinfect and do not pollute the environment.

1: Advantages of biodegradable bags

Biodegradable bag is a new kind of material, it has good air permeability, stability and durability. Biodegradable bags are easy to use and maintain, not corrosion-resistant, and can meet the needs of industrial applications; Biodegradable bags can also be recycled, reducing waste emissions and production costs. In addition, biodegradable bags also have strong fire performance, can effectively prevent fire harm to human health. In short, biodegradable bags have a good application prospect in many fields, which is worth our attention and promotion.

2. Usage methods and precautions

Use method of biodegradable bag: 1. Put the biodegradable bag into the sink or other recyclable container, pour an appropriate amount of water to dissolve it, and then put it into the garbage can. 2. Open the lid, take out the plastic bag and tear the packaging film, squeeze out the air and break it with a meat grinder or cut it with a knife. Here are customizable smell proof bags. 3. Add paper scraps, plastic sheets and other fiber materials into the plastic bag, wet it with water and rub it evenly. 4. Put the kneaded fine granular material into the pocket on the hook at the bottom of the bag to complete the production. Notes :1. In the process of taking and placing, make sure not to touch any sharp objects and fragile objects; 2. If you have children or pets at home, please pay attention to avoid burns. If necessary, you can also cut the rope in advance to avoid accidents.

3: Summary

As a kind of environmental protection products, biodegradable bags are more and more popular among consumers. It can not only effectively protect the environment, but also has good air permeability and waterproof performance. In the process of use, should pay attention to the following points: 1. Choose the appropriate material, specification and size. 2. Install the bag properly or flush it with the wall. 3. Clean the bag regularly and change the press cloth. 4. Avoid the sun, rain and other external conditions. 5. Maintain the balance of humidity inside the bag. 6. Clean the filter debris promptly to avoid affecting the water absorption effect.

Biodegradable plastic bags will be a part of the future of life, which is very important for protecting ourselves and the planet. I hope you can actively participate in this project and jointly create better new technology.

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